Kansas City is the best

It’s official…Kansas City is one of the best places to live. Well, at least we’re in what will be the most livable region in 2032.

Gallup recently conducted a study that included economic, workplace, community, and personal choice factors, to identify what will be the best regions for people to live. Cities in the West North Central region, which includes Missouri and Kansas as well as neighboring Iowa and Nebraska, are “poised for the brightest future”.

While Gallup says we may be on track for the ‘brightest future’, I think we’re bright already.  There are so many wonderful things about Kansas City, from the fountains on the Plaza, to all things Kauffman (Center for Performing Arts, Foundation, Stadium, I could go on).

Right now we’re the center of national attention, thanks to:

Time’s (Techland) coverage of Google Fiber led with “Never before have so many people all of a sudden thought, ‘I wonder if Kansas City is a nice place to live’.” (article by Keith Wagstaff) If you’re not convinced  it is, others are.  As listed by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, KC has received the following awards:

The Good News for today is that we’re in a pretty good place, literally. And it’s only going to get better.

Why do you think Kansas City is the best place to live? It’s not a competition…it’s a celebration. Please share your comments.



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