True stories to renew your faith in humanity

I encountered two separate references on the same day to this inspiring photo collection of heartwarming stories, which convinced me to make it the content for today’s entry. If you need a smile or inspiration to be a better person, visit the link to these 21 stories about human kindness around the world that include:

  • Amazing animal rescues (dogs, kittens, and … sheep)
  • Businesses offering free meals and dry cleaning for the homeless and unemployed
  • Gestures of peace and conflict resolution (on issues of faith, sexual orientation, and politics)
  • Competing athletes helping each other
  • Odd but sweet friendships
  • Paying it forward (and backward)
  • …and much more.

21 Stories That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity (by BuzzFeed)

The Good News for today is that there are many people in this world who make sacrifices to help others. And we have opportunities to do the same every day.

Special thanks to BuzzFeed via Pinterest, and Fox 4 News (Morning Show) for introducing me to these stories.


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