The magic space in the middle

I’ve been thinking a lot about before and after lately. About being in a space where I’m right in between the first part of my life and the second part. This has been caused by several events:

  • My father’s 70th birthday (and my mother’s coming up)
  • My brother’s visit (I haven’t seen him in many years)
  • The passing of both of my husband’s parents

I also started a new job – finished the first part of my career and launched the second.  All of this has me pausing to consider where I’m at in my life. Analyzing my early years, anticipating what is to come. So when I saw an interview on CBS Sunday Morning about a photographer who captures places in transition from day to night, I was fascinated.

Stephen Wilkes specializes in photographing that space in between one part of the day to another, when metamorphosis happens. These photos are captivating (visit his website to see this series of photos). My favorite is his shot of Coney Island.

The Good News for today is that before and after is neither good nor bad; they are just different states with their own merits. And the space in the middle is magic. I plan to make the most of it.


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