UMB Bank is giving away money (to charity that is)

When we talk about banks we don’t usually think of them giving away money. But that’s just what UMB is doing right now. UMB’s “Check-in or Tweet for Charity” campaign is an innovative way they are supporting the community.

UMB is using Foursquare check-ins at UMB banking centers and hash tagged tweets from UMB Twitter followers to help raise funds for their non-profit partners. By checking in at a UMB banking center, or tweeting #UMBgives, they are donating 50 cents to the designated charity (one check-in or tweet per day). You don’t even have to be a customer to participate.

You can check in on Foursquare at UMB banking centers or tweet to benefit three not-for-profit organizations: Big Brothers Big SistersJunior Achievement of Middle America and American Heart Association. Throughout 2012 they will give up to $3,000 for each beneficiary.

I’m proud to say I’m a UMB customer and that they’re doing something so altruistic (not to mention digital…you know I love that!).

The good news for today is:
Here is an easy and FREE way for you to support three important organizations. You know I’m tweeting and checking-in and I hope you’ll join me.

Learn more at, or @UMBBank on Twitter.


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