Where’s your happy place?

“You’re happier when your friends are happy (by about 15%), but research shows that you’re also 10% happier when their friends are happy. Even crazier, a friend of a friend of a friend being happy increases your happiness by about 6%. We aim to amplify world happiness by leveraging this network effect.” (Taken from the Happster app page)

Where’s your happy place? Now you can share it, and find new ones.

I just learned about this new app called Happster that has me excited for several reasons:

  1. It’s all about place-marking and sharing ‘happy’ (isn’t it great when happy goes viral?)
  2. The creation of it was amazingly…well…happy
  3. It was occasioned by South by Southwest (a.k.a. SXSW)

This app was created by six people during a mobile ‘hackathon’ called The Startup Bus. It was finished on their way to SXSW. Now, for those of you who don’t know SXSW (really?), this 10-day annual festival in Austin,Texas, is a convergence of music, film, interactive, and education. It celebrates innovation and creativity.

Now, I’m a SXSW fan because I’m all about using technology to communicate and bring people together. Which is why I’m also excited about another recent example of technology in action.

I co-lead a special interest group that focuses on bringing communications and technology together. Tech/SIG, a sub-group of KC/IABC, is a hands-on think-tank of people from various backgrounds and vocations…all connected in some way to communications. This week we launched a redesign of the format and it was a huge success.

People can join in three ways: in-person, via teleconference, and by Google+ Hangout. Which breaks down geographic barriers! At this meeting we had people from four states including California and Costa Rico (see photo  from the Google+ Hangout perspective).

The most exciting part of last week’s meeting, however, is that it was attended by social media superstar Shel Holtz. He wrote about the meeting in his Holtz Communication + Technology.

The topic, led by guest speaker Sara Folkerts, was about Sprint’s Social Ninja program, an award-winning employee social media ambassador program. It’s all about empowering employees to share the good news about their company. (To read about this program, visit the KC/IABC blog that I contribute to.) One of the group’s co-leaders is at SXSW and I’m looking forward to a recap at our next meeting.

So the good news for today is:

  • There is now an app for happy
  • There are people out there dedicated to using technology to bring people together, in a good way.

Until next time, get your happy app on, and let us know where your happy place is.

To learn more visit:


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