Don’t stop believing

Did you know that Journey’s classic song “Don’t Stop Believing”  just turned 30?  It’s the most covered song in modern history and has sold over one million downloads.

As an optimist, I love the message that no matter what happens, never stop trying to achieve your dreams, and never stop believing in yourself. Even when life throws curves and the outlook is bleak, good things can be around the corner.  The story of the song’s creation itself illustrates this.

Band member Jonathan Cain was the inspiration behind the song.  He was on very rough times and barely scraping by when he joined Journey.  His father kept telling him “don’t stop believing” and that was the start of the song that would make history. 

Another band member’s life was also transformed. When Journey needed to replace retired lead singer Steve Perry, Neil Schon came across a video of Arnel Pineda on YouTube. Pineda was a singer for a Fillipino cover band and was just trying to survive after years of hardship including the death of his mother at age 13, which left him and his family homeless.  Pineda is now with Journey, and sharing his good fortune with others.

So the good news for today, is don’t stop believing….dreams can come true.

Watch the CBS Sunday Morning interview:

Watch the video about Arnel Pineda’s story:



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