It’s time for some Good News

By Angela Connelly

For a while now I’ve been advised to start a blog for professional development.  But what was I to blog about?  I’ve attempted quite a few topics but could not find one that felt right.  There are already a million blogs from experts on communications, social media, and marketing so anything I would do in that area would be redundant.  You always hear “write what you know,”  and what I know is that we could all use a little good news.

One of my enduring characteristics is to always try to find the best in a situation, make the good out of the bad.  “Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so,” as the Bard says.

So my blog is going to be about Good News.  I’ll share my take on issues and situations and find the good in them.  I’ll share happy stories I hear, and try to instill some inspiration. I love quotes, theme songs, and great books. And I love quotes from theme songs and great books, so you’ll see a lot of those.

My question to you is: Are you ready for some Good News?  Then follow me (subscribe via e-mail in the right sidebar).

I recently had two instances where friends told me my words had a positive impact on them.  These were situations where I simply shared some encouragement, and a quote or two from someone greater than myself.  It made me happy to think that these people who mean a lot to me listened to me.  And that I helped them, even if just a little.  Maybe what I shared with them will help you too.  I’ll share one of those quotes in today’s blog, and save the other for a future entry.  The Good News for today is:

“Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

Do you have any Good News to share?  Please comment.  Until next time, have a good day!


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